Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Trip Down Christmas Card Lane

So, we all know that A. I LOVE making cards especially Christmas cards and B. I love taking trips down memory lane so here is a post with two of my favorite things! I get so excited every year "designing" our Christmas card. I just love everything about it from colors to fonts, etc... of course I am no expert and am limited by whatever website I choose to buy my cards from but to me it is just fun!

I literally track the package and I can not wait to open them up and see what they look like. This is just something that I cherish so very much! I love receiving them just as much! Having mail come that is not bills or junk mail is thrilling!

Here are some of our Christmas Cards of years past....

Yes, the picture with the dog pre-children. This is Tex and I in 2006, I was 11 weeks pregnant with Palmer.

Not sure what happened that first year Palmer was born! haha Here he is with Santa but I can't find a card that we sent??? Since I am fuzzy on what I did two nights ago I am not even going to try and attempt to think about what card we sent out in 2007!

Awe yes the ever hilarious Portrait Innovation Pics for Christmas Cards 2008. This cracks me up! We all look so young and not one of us has a clue what we are doing (generally speaking) I was about 30 weeks pregnant with Ann Mason at this point.

I started to get my Christmas Card act together a little more in 2009. I loved these pics and this card so very much!

Again 2010 I managed pretty well and loved this one too. Of course there isn't one that I didn't love :) How has the time past so quickly???

Well, this is 2011. I actually sent out a cute card but the website it is on wont let me preview it for some reason but this is us almost exactly one year ago!!! Crazy how things have changed! I was about 5 weeks pregnant with Chandler and we were more crazy than ever! Tex and I have those looks on our faces like "what is happening?"haha

And this is 2012!!! I just adore these cards and they make me smile.

Our family of 5!

The inside

I can't wait for the kids one day to go thru all of the years of Christmas cards and we can laugh at our clothes and hairstyles and all of the silly things mom made them do! I need to remember to save 3 a year for each child. That is added to my things to do/pinterest/task list that is a mile long :)

This week has been a tough week for a few reasons. My heart is heavy but as I look towards the Holiday Season I know that I am blessed and after everything that has happened this past week the most powerful thing I can do is pray!

We only have 2 more days left of the week and then we can finally take a break! I am SO ready for some much needed quality time with my family at home making new memories.

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Sarah said...

I love the idea of keep 3 Christmas cards a year for your kids. I think I am going to have to start doing that. I do take my Christmas Card from each year and Mod Podge it to canvas, then take ribbon and hang it on one of my trees. It's fun to hang them up and see how much everyone has changed from year to year. BTW, love your Christmas Card this year...where did you order it from?