Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Every time I think about my little blog I get totally sad. I don't think I have ever neglected it quite as much as I have lately. I hate that I haven't written more about Chandler (poor 3rd child) or that I haven't taken more pics and I definitely haven't kept up with the posts. I would like to say it is the time of year but maybe it is just the season of my life but I can't keep up with everything :)

I have great intentions but there just aren't enough hours in the day. We are all doing great! Busy as ever but everyone is happy and healthy. The laundry pile is still never ending, the house is never clean enough, I always have a million things on my to do list but in the end none of it truly matters as long as I have my family and our health!

Speaking of my family... We got our family pics back and I am in love... All I was hoping for was just ONE picture where we were all looking at the camera and these totally exceeded my expectations. I can't wait to get them all printed and framed (another thing on my to do list) Here are just a few of my favs.
I think I am almost cried when I saw this! I was so excited that everyone was looking!! That is all any mom at this point can really ask for!

This picture melts my heart. My daughters (plural it is still surreal to me at the oddest times that I am A. a mother but B. a mother to a boy and two girls!)

This boy does no wrong in mommy's eyes! haha He is always my buddy, my constantt, my companion, my sweet, sweet boy.

Awe Annie. We still haven't quite figured out how the best way to parent this independent, free spirit with more energy than 9 kids combined. :) She is such a huge personality and she makes me laugh when she is not throwing me into fits! haha I am hoping at least some of it is being 3!

I have also been super busy with my Initial Outfitters business! I was so worried after getting back from my non paid maternity leave how we would manage Christmas and all the extra expenses this time of year. This literally was an opportunity that fell into my lap and I am SO blessed that I got to be a part of it. I was not only able to help out financially for Christmas but I met some amazing people, had wonderful parties and scored lots and lots of free goodies! This is my very fav, my generation necklace. Thank you so much to everyone who supported my new endeavor I appreciate it greatly! :)

I hope to be updating more we have lots of holiday events, breakfast with Santa, Christmas plays, etc... coming up so things will be busy but fun! I know I will be sad one day when my house isn't filled with screaming kids, piles of laundry, full calendars so I try and embrace the chaos!

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