Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gratitude List!

The Templeton's are still around! We have been enjoying every minute of this awesome weather! We had a wonderful Spring Break and the kids and I have been trying to get back into the swing of things this week. I have missed blogging, hopefully I will get better at taking pictures and can post more!

Some one much wiser than me :) always recommends on hectic days or weeks to make a gratitude list from A-Z to put things in perspective so I am going to do one for my blog! We are so blessed every day and I need to always remember that when life gets busy!

I am GRATEFUL for:

A - Always checking on my kids after they have gone to sleep and seeing their beautiful and peaceful faces right before I go to sleep.

B- Being available to everyone around me (friends, family, Tex, kids, etc...)

C - Continuing to grow each day and learn who I am as an individual, mom, daughter, friend, wife

D - Daily Blessings - small victories for my children, a good day at work, an awesome dinner, a beautiful sunrise

E - Every new day that God gives me to be a better person

F- Friendships!!!!!

G - Girlfriends!!!!

H - Husband, without him I would not be able to keep it together!

I - Inventions that make my life easier like organizing bins! ha!

J - Jesus

K - Kindness that is shown to me each day even from complete strangers

L - Love (One of my favorite quotes.. "Three things will last forever--faith, hope, and love--and the greatest of these is love."

M - My "mommy" time that allows me to re-charge and decompress!

N - Naps, they are still one of my favorite things in the world even if they are few and far between!

O - Outdoors, the sun can change my mood instantly!

P - Presents! Getting and Receiving! haha I LOVE giving someone a present that I know will make them happy!

Q - Quality time with anyone! With two small kids it is hard to get real quality time with people so I appreciate those quiet conversations so much more!

R - Relaxing!

S - Sushi - I love it!

T - Taking Baths! There is nothing better for me than a Sunday night bath with the latest In Touch Magazine! Guilty Pleasure and I love it!

U - Unconditional Love

V - Variety, for a creature of habit I am GRATEFUL for allowing myself to experience variety and be ok with it!

W - Wisdom from others.... I love hearing others share their stories because in every story I find a little piece of my own life and a little wisdom on how to better handle situations!

X - X-tra hugs from the kids! (Ok I cheated, couldn't think of a darn thing that started with X :)

Y - You! Everyone that has come in and out of my life has touched in me in some way and I will forever be grateful for each relationship I have had!

Z - Zoo! I LOVE the zoo and watching the kids see all of the animals for the first time. Some of my favorite memories of the kids have been from the zoo!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! I hope to post some pictures soon!

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Elizabeth and Jeremy said...

I LOVE taking baths! Arent they amazing! perfect way to recharge!! I needed those CE's so bad too! ha ha! hope you guys are doing well! we have to get together sometime! Even if its just dinner at zaxbys (we love heading out there sometimes!)