Friday, April 16, 2010

The Simple Things In Life....

Yesterday the kids and I had one of those days! No, fortunately not one of "those" days where everyone is having meltdowns and I am about to lose it! haha It was actually just the opposite, it was pure joy, pure happiness and it was over the simple pleasures of life!

My biggest weakness (or one of them :) is always worrying too much, thinking of all the what ifs, thinking about our budget or the laundry, etc.. and for 8 hours yesterday I escaped my own thoughts and just watch, enjoyed and LOVED my children without reservation, without the worry of anything around me and it was absolutely freeing and wonderful!

We went to not one but 2 parks, got haircuts, ate ice cream, watched movies and ate popcorn! It was definitely a day for the record books, I don't know who enjoyed it more... me or them?

These are the days I want to remember every tiny detail, the look on Ann Mason's face as she climbed the rock wall by herself (yes, she did, that is no exaggeration!) or the look on Palmer's face as he inched toward the geese with fear and excitement and pretended he was a duck with them!

I wish these days came easier for me, the worry-free ones that is. I am working on letting go and letting God! I look at Tex some times and I get filled with jealousy because I can be in "crisis" mode over whatever happened that day and he can have coke coming out of his nose because he is laughing so hard at Everyone Love Raymond of all things? I wish I could be a little more like him. I realize that all my worrying does not change situations and that maybe more times than not I should sit on the couch and laugh with him because in the end God is the one that knows the plan and not us... not all of the worrying in the world will make things different!

But for today I am grateful! Grateful for the unconditional love of my kids and the AWESOME day we had yesterday! I love you both to the moon and back!

Palmer waving bye before heading down the slide!

I told Palmer to Cheese and he sure took it serious!

Ann Mason tackling her latest goal that day with not one ounce of fear!

Ann Mason walking with the geese!

The Kids were in awe of everything to do with ducks and feeding them are very limited Cheez-it collection!

I love this picture! Palmer is taking Annie by the hand and showing her the world!

We have hardly any plans this weekend other than Daddy has to work! But tonight is Pizza and Movie night. Tex said he went to Pizza Hut for years and years with 3 other families and always has fond memories of that :) Not sure we are hitting up Pizza Hut but there will be pizza and movies involved at some point in tonight's events! haha Wishing everyone a beautiful and BLESSED Weekend!

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