Friday, April 16, 2010

14 Months!

Ann Mason Templeton
14 Months Old 04/16/2010
Where did the last 2 months go? I swear we just celebrated your birthday last weekend! haha You are SO hilarious I can't even stand it! I swear with each day passes you become more independent, fiesty, brave and funny!
Since you were sick so much in the last two months you actually lost 2 pounds and were back down to 20 pounds but I guarantee the way you have been eating this week you have gained it back! haha You are wearing 18 month clothes though!

Drum Roll Please..... after just 14 short months (totally sarcastic here!) you are FINALLY sleeping thru the night! Poor thing, school is absolutley wearing you out and this is what you look like by 6:45 pm, you can barely keep your head up or eyes open...

Your hair has grown double I swear since your birthday and we are starting to head toward the mullet phase and need to make a decision on where to take this in the next month or so! haha You are a messy girl, you even got told you were messy at the park by a 6 year old yesterday! Palmer can eat an entire ice cream cone with no stains on his on the other hand can eat 1 cheeze-it and have it all down you! Just like your mother!
You eat everything in sight and if we even drive past a McD's or Wendys you start squealing! It is so embarrassing in the drive thru cause I know when I am ordering the lady must be thinking what it that high pitched noise in the background and it is you, SO excited to get the food! :)

You love to be a funny girl and you are most of the time! You let me love on you 24/7! I can tickle, kiss, hug, squeeze you and you never seem to tire of it! I just want to eat you up all of the time!
You are still growing and getting so big! You and Palmer are pretty much best friends except when the "war squeal" comes out quickly followed by a bite directly from you to Palmer! Fortunately or Unfortunately depending on how you look at it you have only bitten Palmer thus far! I hate it for Palmer but I am hoping you keep your anger in check at daycare! haha
Palmer now calls you Annie cause that is what daddy calls you and it melts my heart every time he says it! You are my sweetest and most feisty girl in the world! I love, love, love having a daughter, it is such a blessing and a privilege and I feel like the luckiest mom in the world!

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