Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Part II

Easter Sunday was a little hectic. We now know that Ann Mason had an ear infection and Palmer chose Easter to have a meltdown in church and we actually left before the sermon even started. I guess that is how things go with 2 kids under 2! You never know what each day brings. In the end every one and every thing was fine. Just when I think that I have control God lets me know very quickly that I don't run the show :) haha!

Despite ear infection and meltdowns kids will still be kids! Here we are trying to get some good Easter pics :)
I guess Palmer and Ethan thought that this Easter was a total Touchdown!

They actual managed to make "nice" faces in this picture!
Ms. Thang decked out in all of her candy jewelry! I used to LOVE candy jewelry and Ann Mason loved hers too! Check out the bed head to match!
Ann Mason discovering her Easter Basket and all of its goodies!
Palmer LOVING his goodies!

The kids spotting what the Easter Bunny brought them! They must get that bedhead from me!
We are all back home safe and sound and the kids are still exhausted from all of the fun times they had in owensboro! We are officially on Spring Break 2010 and so far today we enjoyed our time relaxing and getting outside! Hope everyone had a safe and happy Easter! Love, The Templetons

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