Monday, April 26, 2010

Blog Neglect!

This picture sums up how I feel every time I think about how I have neglected my blog this week and even this month! ha! The Templeton's are well and busy! I have been studying non-stop for a national mortgage test for work and I think my brain is on over-drive. I don't think I even studied this much in college or at least I don't remember! :)

I have also been working on my tile orders which are almost done! When I am not doing "work" stuff I have been busy having fun with the kids and Tex! We had a GREAT weekend with lots of laughs, lots of fun and lots of family time and for that I am SO grateful!

We have a great week planned minus the test I have to take! It is Derby time in Louisville and it is everywhere! One year I am bound and determined to take the whole week off and participate in all of the derby festivities, I am a dork and even want to go to Kroger's and watch them make the Blanket of Roses!

Hope everyone is having a FABULOUS week and I should be back in action soon with pictures and stories GALORE!

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