Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This was the first but I know it won't be the last.... without TMI here is a conversation I had with my almost 3 year old last night!

Palmer : "Mom, I have a boo-boo"

Me: "Oh, I am sorry baby show mommy where your boo-boo is"

(Started to get scared when he starts pulling down his Cars Underwear)

Palmer: "Right here Mommy, see it's a hole, it's a REAL BIG BOO-BOO"

(OMG! Trying not to laugh, trying to act serious, trying not to die right there on the spot!)

Me: "Palmer honey, that is not a boo-boo that hole is where your pee-pee comes out and it is supposed to be there"

Palmer: "No Mom! It is a boo-boo and I can't wear underwear or pants anymore!"

He hops up on the stool to eat dinner sans any type of covering...

Me: " Um, I think we need to put on your underwear we are NOT running a nudist colony around here! "

Palmer: "My boo-boo will never get better!"

Well, honey your right you are stuck with that boo-boo your whole life! haha I didn't tell him that but I hope he gets used to that boo-boo or we are going to be in for a long haul :) Next he is going to be asking where babies come from! I am not prepared for this!

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