Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Too Busy Having Fun!

We have been busy having fun!!! My parents were in all last weekend and we all got to celebrate Palmer's birthday! I have surely mentioned it, but it was the "Great Cracker Barrel" Birthday this year :) I asked Palmer probably 4 months ago what he wanted to do for his birthday and he told me he wanted to "Go to Cracker Barrel and have a firetruck cake" and that is exactly what we did! I didn't go overboard, I let him pick out the plates, the cake, everything and it couldn't have been more perfect! It was totally Palmer's speed (slow :) and relaxing and we had a great time, I think I am going to let him plan all of his birthday parties!!!
We go to his 3 year appointment next week so I will wait to write my blog dedicated to his life in 3 years :) Here are some pictures from the day.

Jeff, Ashley, Joe, Tex and I

I love this picture! Ann Mason was SO curious about what Palmer was getting it cracks me up!
Opening More Presents, he got more than Christmas!! It was his first "all toys" birthday and he LOVED it!
Ann Mason finding the trash! The Three Amigos! Palmer couldn't be happer

The Wonderful Firetruck Cake!!! Can't wait to use this bakery again!

Me and my sweet girl (she has come back around in the last few days, I think I finally have my girl back!) and she hasn't bitten ALL week!!!

Me, Ashley, Mom, Ann Mason and Palmer
Excuse the hair! I saw this picture and went out and got my hair chopped yesterday! haha I don't know what was up with the side bump :) but I love this picture still! Mamaw Kathy and Aunt TT
It was a great weekend and lots of good quality family time! We are in the final countdown for pool days!!! WOOHOO! I think we are heading up there Friday night for our first swim, the kids can't wait!

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