Monday, May 17, 2010


Well, you know it is a bad thing when Ann Mason's teacher is talking to another parent and asks me to "wait a second" before I leave, then another teacher walks over with Ann Mason and is laughing and says "Here's your little bully"! What! I think my head spun and I looked around cause SURELY she wasn't talking about Ann Mason and SURELY she was telling some other mom that their kid was a bully!
No and No! She was talking directly to me and she was talking about none other than Ann Mason! On Friday Ann Mason was just on her 1st day of Antibiotics and went to daycare and had, let's just say had a few incidents.... (ie broke skin on 3 kids!) Ok, Ok, it was TOTALLY her cough medicine and that is my story and I was sticking to it, as I told Ms. Kathy this morning that, "Yep, I figured out why Ann Mason so called "attacked" those 3 kids on Friday, she was on this mega cough syrup that made her a little looney!" She nodded and agreed that it must have been that and I walked out to my car with my head held high!
Finally after what seemed like an eternity Ms. Kathy finally greeted me with a nervous laugh and informed me that indeed Ann Mason struck again. She continued to explain that she picked out the biggest boys in her class and was in her words "like a cat" sneaky and quick with her attacks! She had struck again and grabbed 3 more kids today! Luckily I had clipped off her lethal weapons over the weekend so there was no bloodshed but the intention was still clear, she wanted a fight :) Oh the horror! I was the mom of the bully! Yikes! I am praying this is a mere phase one that we can look back at and laugh about for hours, PLEASE let this be a phase! I am praying that she can make it thru the last 7 days of the school year and then her Aunt Ashley can whip her into shape over the summer! :) Poor Palmer is the least aggressive kid I know, so this bully business is brand new territory! I really hope this is the last day I have to do the "walk of shame" out of the school as Ann Mason smiles at me like she had the best day of her life! haha I am pretty sure this girl is going to give us a run for our money!

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Connie Shear said...

She is precious. This is just a "phase"!?!?!?!?
Hopefully...we will see. Her Mom was a sweet girl?!?!?! I love you MOM