Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fevers, Sneezing, Teething... Oh My!

My sweet girl has been a pitiful mess this week! Runny nose, shirts soaked in drool, fevers and lots of congestion. I swear it is just teething but of course I am getting ready to call the dr "just to be sure" because it never fails there is always something more! She can barely eat or take her bottle! (oops did I just say she is taking a bottle at 15 months? :) haha) So last night she got the royal treatment that only princesses get and she was spoon fed chicken broth and she loved it!

Daddy feeding his princess his soup!
She would just hold the spoon in her mouth and LOVED it!

Look at that face! This girl knows she is SPOILED and LOVES it. She doesn't have to lift a finger in this photo:) Hopefully she will be ok! I hope we can go ahead and get in to the dr office! Wish us luck!

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