Wednesday, August 25, 2010

18 Months

Dear Ann Mason,
 Words cannot express the way I love you, the way I cherish having a daughter, the way you have changed my life and want to make me a better mother and woman. It is hard for me to believe that my baby is 18 months old, it just seems so surreal when I look at your long legs and hear your sweet words that your growing up so fast.

You are in the 78% for height! ha! You are already wearing 24 months and will shortly be in 2T, that amazes me. You grow out of clothes at the speed of light. I still love shopping for you and "dressing you up" even though you much prefer a diaper with Palmer's hot wheels underwear over it!!! That is your favorite thing right now is wearing your brother's clothes and shoes and he thinks it is hilarious!
I knew you were a fighter, a trooper and independent but it became very evident to me just how much so, when you had your tonsils out 2 weeks ago. It didn't phase you, you kept right on trucking with little or no whining and little or no side effects! We are in big trouble when you get older! ha! Daddy keeps on saying we have something major on our hands with you but we just aren't quite sure what we are in for. You are fire and ice! You are sweet as pie and as rough as a trucker :) and I love both sides!

Your hair is growing at the speed of light and I can actually pull it half up, put it in pigtails and keep bows in it! You are beautiful, everything about you is perfect and your smile and belly laughs lights up my world. You know what you want and you aren't scared to let us know, I like that about a girl, always be strong and go after what you want in this world!
Now that you are sleeping thru the night! heehee You go to bed with a smile and you wake up with a smile, it is amazing and refreshing. On most mornings when I don't want to wake up just seeing you wake up so happy makes me grateful to get to wake up that day and do my job as a mother, as a professional and as a wife. I have worried so much about going back to work and how it will affect you and your brother and it has bothered me so much but I also want to be role model for you, I want to show you strength and grace thru my actions and I want to show you that it is important to do what you love or to make sacrifices without sacrificing yourself or the others around you.
Probably the most favorite thing about you growing up is still watching you with your brother. You are night and he is day but as they say opposites attract. You all have a bond that I see grow each day, one that I hope will always stay strong no matter what may happen in life because family will always be the ones standing with you no matter what! You all are hilarious and laugh at each other constantly and it is the very best part of my days. Today I picked you all up from school and all of the other kids were playing on the playground and you two were over in the corner talking and playing and it melted my heart. He will always look out for you and you for him!
You are amazing, funny, determined, aggressive (when you want something), a cuddler and just a magnetic personality. You are talking non-stop and can repeat most everything I say. I love the sound of your voice and I love hearing your brother and you talk even if it is in your own language.
I am so blessed to have two incredible children and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us because I know it will be something grand! Happy 18 months sweet girl! I love you , Mommy

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Paige said...

That is the sweetest letter with such a cute little girl!