Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My sweet, sweet babies had surgery today and they did great! Well, as great as can be expected for tonsillectomies and ear tubes. We got here at 7:00 am and by 8:00 Ann Mason had her "goofy" juice and let me tell you I knew that little one was wild but she was having a ball!! She was giggling and throwing her hands up you couldn't help but laugh... Of course the ever serious Palmer got his "goofy" juice and just kept asking me why he felt funny and was so serious, I love how different they are it cracks me up!

The hardest part was when both of them woke up from anesthesia within 30 minutes of each other. Thanks goodness for Aunt Ashley she was such a life saver today and I am SO grateful for her. Tex and I were running the halls of the hospital trying our best to be with both of our babies and the same time.
Annie came out of anesthesia just fine and wanting food of all things! She is a fighter and a pistol and other than being fussy this little fireball has been great! She gets upset when her meds wear off but who wouldn't. I am so proud of her!! She is so strong and independent even at 17 months, I love it ( I know I probably won't when she is 15! ha!)
This guy on the other hand takes after his mom in almost every way including throwing up profusely after coming out of anesthesia. We finally got some phenegran in him and some ice cream and were able to get his first dose of Tylenol with codeine down about 6 tonight!!!

I came back to the hospital after getting Palmer settled to spend the night with Ann Mason, I have to admit this makes me anxious. I am sitting here in the hospital room and Ann Mason is sleeping and I am uneasy. I don't like being here but I am SO thankful that it is just for one night and that my kids are healthy and that we are blessed with good health for today. My mind wonders to all of the kids that don't get to go home tomorrow or for a long time and I just can't imagine.... I know I will say an extra prayer tonight for the kids and parents that this hospital has become their second home and they don't have the luxury of a surgery and discharge and then just some healing from home that includes ice cream and popsicles. It makes me grateful. I will keep you all updated on the tonsillectomy twins journey! I am hoping for lots of rest tomorrow. I am at the point of exhaustion but can't fall asleep, don't you hate that?


Elizabeth and Jeremy said...

Im so glad to hear everything went well! I was thinking about you guys! & I love the tonsilectomy twins :) Let us know if you need anything! We arent too far away!

Sweet Caroline said...

I hope you got some rest. I know how you feel about kids in hospitals when i can I love to give to st. judes. You have an amazing family and all so strong! That is so awesome about Mamaws party!