Monday, August 23, 2010

Working 9-5...

Sorry for the lack of blogging. This working really 8-4 business is keeping me busy! I must say the anxiousness leading up to this change was much worse than the actual change itself as it seems is usually the case! The kids are still a little weeping in the morning although Palmer didn't cry at ALL this morning! And actually yelled across the room to me, "Look Mom, I am not crying" this morning... he told me he  just cries cause he needs an extra hug and a kiss! So I made sure to give him plenty and spend a few extra minutes getting him adjusted before rushing off and I think it worked.

Life is busy but good! I actually feel like I get more done working full time cause I don't have the excuse of "I will do it tomorrow since I am off" the laundry is getting done, dishes done, etc... let me just say this is only my 4th day back! haha So we shall see...

I have a lot of exciting things coming up! This weekend is filled with showers for Belle (my soon to be newest niece) and I just can't wait to post pics of everything, I am really excited to have a pink weekend!~

Also my big 3-0 is quickly approaching!! YIKES! I think I am on the 12 day countdown so I have a lot of fun things planned for that. It still hasn't hit me that I am anywhere near 30 though and it scares me just a little! I think I realized this when I was in the baby pool yesterday and Palmer and I were screaming "Marco/Polo" and acting like fools and the other parents were sunbathing around the edge! Or when my husband was playing "bridge" with his legs where he would lift them and let our kids go under the bridge and the next thing you know there was a Congo line of kids going under the "bridge" aka Tex's legs as we got some funny stares from parents! Oh well, I would rather be the fun parents, right? haha

Ann Mason also turned 18 months which ripped my heart in two, I love this stage but I can't believe my baby can be that old! Oh by the way Palmer has requested not one but two brothers but he would like them to be not babies but older, so if you know any willing older "brothers" to come play send them on over! haha

We are busy and in full swing and I should have some fun stuff and pictures soon!!!

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