Monday, September 14, 2009

The Insane Assylum!

I am sure that most mothers go thru various emotions day in and day out... There are some days that run as smoothly as well oiled machine and then there are other days that feel like we just crashed and burned in that well oiled machine!

For some reason the past 2 days we have been on the crash and burn side of life :) My sweet, sweet angel has turned into some creature from the lagoon that squeals, screams, cries and wakes up all hours of the night!!! What happened? She is moving everywhere, gets more dramatic by the second and has apparently become nocturnal all in the past week! If she wasn't so darn cute I would go even more crazy!

Then Palmer who has been such a GOOD boy lately has become obssessed with sleeping with his light ON! This coming from the child that HAD to have it pitch black in his room to sleep for the last 28 months of his life! So last night Palmer decides he wants to stay up and watch the VMA's on MTV! So finally we get him to bed and add a nitelight to his room thinking that was a great "compromise" and all of a sudden he loses it, starts crying and then I hear the dreaded gagging noise, followed by "Mamma come look!" Sure enough he puked all over his bed! So at 10:15 Tex and I were changing sheets, pjs, brushing teeth, etc...

We finally got him back down with the nite-light and got 2 hours of sleep before Ann Mason woke up for Round 1 of the "screamfest"!

So, Tex and I are starting new with this "crying it out" with Ann Mason because she was sleeping thru the night before the move! So, last night Dr Russell told us to start letting her "cry it out" and we tried our hardest! When we did this with Palmer he would never cry over 8 minutes (8 minutes seems like 2 hours when your baby is crying) so last night she started screaming and Tex and I laid there and decided to really be committed to her "crying it out"! 25 minutes later she was still screaming!!!! We finally got so worried that this time "something was really wrong with her" and we rushed in to pick her up and she started laughing! Seriously?

What is wrong with my children????? :)

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