Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Recap Part III

Undoubtedly the BEST part of our trip was our unexpected tour of the Owensboro Fire Department! Anyone that knows Palmer knows that he is without a doubt obsessed with Firemen, Firetrucks and now Firehouses! Our great friend Eric is a firefighter and invited Palmer and his cousins Ethan and Katelyn to tour the firehouse and firetrucks! Ann Mason went but her job was just to look pretty :). Eric was such a gracious host and let the kids climb all over the firetrucks, try on the uniforms and they got to leave with official Jr. Firefighter stickers and coloring books! To see Palmer's face when he was in there was something I will never forget. The excitement and awe in his eyes were priceless and he was such a great participant and took it so seriously! Maybe one of these days Palmer will be giving someone's children the chance to live their dream in his own firehouse? When he left he waved out the window to Eric and said "Bye Fireman!" Thanks Eric!

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