Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! Wow! I can't believe another year has literally flown by! 2009 was an eventful and busy year at the Templeton's! As 2009 closes down I find myself truly excited about what 2010 is going to bring! We have SO many things to be blessed for and I just can't wait to see what God has in store for us in the coming year!

The Templeton's will be sitting this New Years on the sidelines and that is A-Ok with me! :) I think we are going to pop popcorn and rent tons of movies from the Redbox and make a pallet on the floor with the kids and just enjoy each other. I really can't think of too many other ways that I would want to say good-bye to one year and welcome in the New Year than with my family right beside me! Oh and I am convincing Tex to make a Family New Years Resolution List! I love/hate Resolutions (probably cause I break 99% of them in two weeks)!

Here are some of the HIGHLIGHTS from our family in 2009!

Feb 2009- We started out with the greatest gift of the year!

Ann Mason Templeton born 02/16/2009

March 2009- Myke "Papaw" turned 60!!! We got to celebrate in Owensboro with all of the Templeton side! It was Ann Mason's first big party!

May 2009 - Ashley said "I do"! My sister got married to the most wonderful brother-in-law I could ask for! The wedding was Beautiful and SO much fun!
May 2009 - Palmer turned a big 2!!! (Sorry no pics from the party :) We had a great time celebrating Palmer's 2nd year! Lots of friends and family came to celebrate!
May - August 2009 - One of the best highlights of the year was all of the "POOL TIME" with all of our friends! I grew up a total Pool Rat and I know my kids will have the same love for water that I did! Palmer says everyday when we pass the pool "Is it hot for pool yet?" Soon my boy, soon!
One of my most favorite things was watching these two become best friends! From the moment Ann Mason was born Palmer and her have been inseparable! Everyday they wake each other up in the morning and if Ann Mason is up from a nap before Palmer she crawls to his door and bangs on it till I let her go in and wake him up! They just giggle when they see each other!

The Dynamic Duo at their best!
2009 - Palmer participated in his very first team sport with some of his dearest friends! He ended up liking the suckers at the end better than actually playing soccer :) We might wait another year for any more organized sports!
2009 wouldn't be complete without a picture of Neenie on one of her visits. She put a lot of miles on her car coming to see her babies in 2009! Here we are...3 Generations!

October 2009 - Our family got to see the BEACH! What could be better? Ann Mason and Palmer adore the beach and I hope that we get to see it each year!

The Templeton Family 2009

Palmer 2 1/2, Ann Mason 10 1/2 months

Here's to 2010!

Glory to God in highest heaven,Who unto man His Son hath given;While angels sing with tender mirth,A glad new year to all the earth.~Martin Luther

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