Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In Honor of You!

In Honor of You...
Ann Mason, in honor of you turning 10 months old today I want to list 10 reasons why we love you!
1. I love hearing you giggle from the backseat because Palmer is making animal noises and you think it is hilarious!
2. I love your "just waking up" look... it is innocence, beauty and excitement all wrapped up in one precious face!
3. I love that you eat like a man and there is no food you won't taste! (I just hope you stay that way!)
4. I love that you are rough like a boy but soft like a little girl should be!
5. I love getting you dressed and seeing how precious you look in any outfit I put on you :)
6. I LOVE that you get excited when you see your brother everyday!
7. I love when we finally sneak off to have a moment to ourselves in the rocker and for just a moment there is no one else in the world but us!
8. I love when you link your arm with mine every time I hold you!
9. I love you in a diaper so I can squeeze, kiss and tickle every part of your cute self!
10. I love that when you see your dad it's as if no one else in the world matters...he is already your hero, your prince and your best friend forever! That is what I love the most!
We love you Ann Mason!!! Happy 10 month birthday~

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The Lingley's said...

Oh my goodness how PRECIOUS are you as a Mommy and your little girl is absolutely ADORABLE!! Those cheeks... ughhh i wanna pinch 'em. She is too cute!! Happy 10 months to your lil' blessing!! ; )