Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spooooktacular Weekend!

We had a very festive Fall/Halloween Weekend! The kiddos had their first fall festival. Tex and I were "good" parents and went and helped Friday night to get ready for all of the fun! I have never hung so much black tarp in my life! They had a whole haunted house and bear hunt and it was so much fun! The kids really enjoyed it, it is so fun to watch them run around with their friends and have fun!
This is a random picture... but I had to post Ann Mason showing off her new boots, this girl is a shoe fanatic!

My sweet girl in the bouncy!

Palmer and his best bud Brooks playing pin the tail on the donkey!
A good shot of Ann Mason's "bob" haircut and cute outfit! Thanks Emerson and Ava!
This is why we are close to weighing 29 pounds these days!~ haha! This girl LOVES her sweets and food!
Palmer participated in his first cake walk and he WON!!! I NEVER won at cake walks, I think I was more excited than Palmer~

One of Ann Mason's "suitors" showed up to Woo her! haha Will Prather came to join in on the fun and I think they both had a blast! They are definitely two peas in a pod!

My sweet kiddos! Palmer is now WAY into his super hero shirts, it is all the rage among the three year old boys! I thought girls were bad but he is getting quite an opinion on what is cool to wear these days!
The start of the festive weekend, spider cupcakes! Remind me never to buy cupcakes with black icing! ha!
My pictures got a little out of order and I am too tired to fix them! haha Getting excited for Grayson's baby shower this weekend and Halloween is getting closer!!! I even bought a few Christmas presents today! Can't believe Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before we know it!

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