Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Way Back Wednesday

I love to go on Shutterfly and take a stroll down memory lane, I always pick pictures that are exactly a year ago just to peek at what life was like at this exact time last year! It always amazes me how much my babies grow, how fast time passes and how even though I wish I could remember every detail of those moments I can't. These pictures bring a smile to my face (sorry Tex, you were there and we love you, I just couldn't find any of you! ha!) oh how I wish Annie was that little again just for a moment and I definitely wish I was at the beach right now instead of work! Palmer cracks me up cause he has definitely grown taller and has grown up but I still look at these pictures and Palmer is just always Palmer, serious, sweet and my best bud in the whole wide world! He is truly a "what you see is what you get" kind of guy, I hope he stays that way!
Ann Mason 9 months and Mommy

Ann Mason 9 months, Palmer 2 1/2 and Mommy

My SWEET bathing beauty!

My buddy, building his sand castle!
Ok, I definitely need a beach trip!!! I am going to start planning one now.... ha! Where were you a year ago? It is amazing what a difference a year makes!

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Connie Shear said...

I love them very much! It doesn't seem like a year ago! I want you all to come down as soon as you can! They are adorable! Love you Neenie