Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What We've Been Up To!

I feel like this week has just flown right past me! I have a feeling Isabelle's arrival into the world helped speed things along :) She is precious and doing wonderful! I am SO proud of Ashley and Joe they have taken to parenthood with ease and just seem like such naturals!

Here is the sweet girl herself! We can't get enough of her! Palmer is literally head over heels in love with her and wants to know about her every move! The way he looked at her with such awe and love made me want to have 5 more babies! haha Too bad he says he wants two bigger brothers (still haven't figured out how to swing that one yet! ha!)

We have of course have been getting our hands on this girl whenever we can! I just want to eat her up!

We had to frequent our favorite dining spot, Cracker Barrell. I  have no idea why my kids are so in love with Cracker Barrell but it seems like the only restaurant we can go to where they actually clean their plates and are completely occupied the whole time, so if we have to go to Cracker Barrell to eat in peace then that is what we will do!

Here is Ann Mason with her stick pony!
Palmer just happy to be at Cracker Barrell with a new toy!

Ann Mason got an unplanned hair cut by her Mommy! Yikes! I know I wasn't really thinking but it turned out super cute, I was going for the ever-popular "bob". This was the only picture I could get of the cut cause Ann Mason is never STILL! Her hair was getting SO long in the back and her front was still short so my goal was to cut it, to hopefully get it all one length soon! She seems to like her sassy new cut!

Neenie is here helping take care of Isabelle so she made a stop at Beef O Brady's to eat the other night and the kids can't get enough of her! Here is Ann Mason dragging her to the car :)

We went to Veggie Tales and it was pretty much a bust! Palmer doesn't love crowds or loud noises so I don't know why I thought a concert would be a good idea! oops! Ann Mason of course loves noise and chaos and she was right at home, she just wasn't too impressed with singing vegetables! Here she is sitting in her seat waiting for the concert to start!

Tex trying his hardest to look excited about dancing vegetables! I think my kids were the only two kids that didn't like the show, every other kid was bouncing around and dancing and singing! They had MUCH more fun when we took them to get ice cream afterwards, I think maybe I was the one that was the most excited!

The view of all of the kids and their parents. We saw a lot of dad's that had that look like "How did I end up at Veggie Tales on a Friday Night! heehee

Saturday we were supposed to go to the zoo but because Louisville has now hit record highs for October AGAIN it was 90 degrees and Nikki and I decided it would be much more fun to wear our comfortable clothes and come to their house and let the kids run wild in the basement!

Here is the only picture I got of Ann Mason's boyfriend Alex they are 6 weeks apart. I can't believe it but got her first KISS on Saturday! We told Alex to hug her and he went straight in for the mouth kiss! Ann Mason just closed her eyes and puckered, I think Tex wanted to die right there!
Palmer helping to destroy the "toy" section of the basement this was just a little patch of the chaos you can only imagine what it looked like when we left with 4 kids under the age of 3!

Ann Mason and Reid playing at the train table. Palmer has now declared Reid his cousin, which is fine with Nikki and I :) I think Palmer thinks if you are his friend you are his cousin! Too cute, Reid and Palmer are only 20 days apart, all four of them are SO fun together!

We're now back to the grind and just waiting for Friday again! It is sad when your 3 year old wakes up every morning and asks if it is the weekend! I didn't realize it started so early :) Hope everyone is having a GREAT week!

Love, The Templetons

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