Friday, October 22, 2010

Busy Week

Aunt Blake and Isabelle 10/2010

This week has been BUSY!!! I know I say that every week! ha! I am blessed to have a job I love but man, working full time with two small kids is exhausting :) The laundry is beyond out of control, the dishes are piling up, the toys are spread across the floor but I have learned that none of it really matters! I decided to forgo my type A personality last night and I laid in bed with Palmer while the house was a mess and fell asleep at 8:45 and didn't wake up until this morning! It was much needed!

Luckily, we squeezed in some time with precious Belle!!! This girl has gained 1 pound since Saturday and has gotten over her birth weight, we were so excited! She is still a little pumpkin and I got to hold her for a LONG time last night and it was heaven! She is so awesome, I am definitely in LOVE!

We have a busy weekend as well but a fun weekend! Can't wait to see all of my friends!!

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