Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 7 year Anniversary!!!

Tex and I had our 7 year anniversary on Saturday. We didn't "celebrate" in your typical way with dinner, flowers, etc... but we celebrated in our way with our family and friends. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for my husband! We have been thru so many things good and bad over the last (13 years all together!) We have ALWAYS come out on the other side and for that I am eternally grateful! Life has blessed us beyond measure even at our toughest times God has always made sure our needs were met and much more.

I am so blessed to have married my best friend who is always my biggest fan. I have watch him grown into an amazing man who is such a giving husband and an amazing father, son, brother and friend! Our lives have changed so much even in the past year but I am SO excited about where we are in our lives and the path that God is choosing for us. It has been hard but so worth it! Thru it all we have always remained a team!

I love you and thanks for being my best friend!

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Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary Blake! Here's to many more! That's a great picture of you guys! Hope you are getting all settled in.