Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Been a Month, Already?

So today marks a month of living in Owensboro! Half of me feels like it was just yesterday we drove up here and another half of me feels like we have been here for a year! I have to admit I am still homesick but with each day I am starting to become more and more adjusted and I am definitely finding there are perks to living in a smaller city!
1. I can pretty much get anywhere in less than 10 minutes
2. I can call my hairstylist and be in, in 2 days!
3. Doctors call you in prescriptions without having to go in and see them
You get the point... :) I am trying to stay on the positive side!
We still LOVE our house. Each weekend it seems like we tackle a few more projects and it is definitely starting to feel like home and we are definitely starting to enjoy all of it!

I am still out a camera so I have been using my camera phone which is terrible but will have to work for now! Here are some random things we have been up to this week!
Disclaimer: This is not tex :) but this is our new riding lawn mower! Oddly enough my new boss had a brand new riding lawn mower that they only used 3 times sitting in her garage and we were able to get a great deal on it! Tex brought it home the other night and apparently while I was working late last night Tex showed off his mowing skills by mowing a few strips of grass for the kids while they sat on the porch and clapped... I try not to ask too many questions about what happens when I am gone :)

We bough furniture and a rug for our sun room. Our sun room has now officially become our families "room" I have a feeling this is where we will spend 90% of our time. It is cozy and we love it! It is nice to have two tv rooms for the kiddos and adults but somehow we still manage to pack in this one room. We hadn't planned on getting anything for this room but we got an awesome deal on some furniture that will be perfect for having small kids and something that can grow with us but we won't be devastated if gets pretty worn down! I think Palmer is the most excited. We got a recliner ( I have NEVER had a recliner) I don't particularly like the looks of them but man, it is SO comfy!

Palmer and Cannon (on the left) have gotten a lot of quality time together! They have become big buds! We also got to see ava and eme this weekend too! The kids are totally in love with everything Owensboro!

Kathy was nice enough to have a birthday dinner for me complete with grilled pork chops, homemade mac n cheese, homemade twice baked potatoes, yeast rolls and the best ever homemade red velvet cake!!! YUM!!! This cake was a fun decoy so the kids could sing and blow out candles with me!

This weekend should be a lot of fun! Kelly and Caroline are coming from Nashville to visit for the day on Saturday, Palmer starts his soccer league and has two games on Saturday and Sunday and Tex and I celebrate our 7 year wedding anniversary! I am just praying everyone stays healthy and we can enjoy the weekend :)

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