Thursday, September 15, 2011

One of the Reasons

We love our house in Owensboro! There is SO much we want to do with it but we are definitely viewing it as a long term project and right now we are just enjoying it, wallpapered bathrooms and all :) It really isn't that bad, some things need updated but they really don't bother me, which is surprising! I think because I know we will hopefully live in this house a long time I don't mind to wait!

So anyways... One of the reasons we LOVE our house in the boro is because we can build bonfires and make SMORES in our very own backyard! How cool is that? I thought Tex was joking the first time he told me but he was serious we can really have fires in our yard and we can really roast marshmellows instead of microwaving them! I think I was just as excited as the kiddos. This weekend we tried it out when our friends Kelly and her daughter Caroline came in. The kids loved it and the fire kept going all night for us to sit out by even after the kids went to sleep, it was so fun!
Ann Mason working really hard at getting the right branches together for the fire!

I mean really, really hard! I think she is even trying to rub sticks together to make her own fire!

She must have gotten a stick she liked!

Love this pic, C is in her underwear and Palmer is trying to help her out and holding her hands. Tex looks like he is trying to delegate work and no one is listening! haha

Everyone at work on the burn pile!

Love this! Palmer telling C how to find the right stick.

The start of the fire :) I swear it got bigger and bigger as the night went on! It was great for roasting marshmellows! Can't wait to do it again especially with the cooler weather coming! Bring on the Fall!

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