Monday, September 26, 2011

Ok, I feel like a 7 year old!

Ok, so I am officially a 7 year old again! I am SO excited I just secretly ordered a Wii Bundle for the fam! It was an awesome deal and came with 2 remotes, 2 wheels, 2 games, etc... I totally just broke my number 1 rule about buying gifts "close" to Christmas and I KNOW that as a mother I totally should have stashed this one away for the jolly big guy in the red suit but I just couldn't do it!

I also realize that Wii's are so 2009 but the Templeton family likes to wait a little while on the new technology! haha I debated and debated over this purchase but in the end the kids are getting to an age where I think this could be so much fun and entertainment over the winter months! It rained most of the weekend and I caught a glimpse of what winter inside the house is going to be like and this might keep us all sane! I am scared that Tex is going to find me up at 3 am playing Super Mario brothers!
I can't wait to post pics of the kids playing this! Neenie and Pop come in next weekend so we will have fun playing with them, they are Wii pros! Palmer is going to be SO excited, I can't wait!

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