Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Down on the Farm!

WARNING: Picture Overload!

This weekend the kids and I took a road trip to Smyrna TN! Sylvia was in town and we went in to see her and Kelly and Caroline! It is SO hard to believe that these two girls have been my friends for 17 years, just typing it doesn't even seem possible! I love them and they have been such a huge part of my life since I can remember so it is always fun to get together and hang out!

Kelly took us to a farm that has a fall festival kind of theme with great food, animals, pumpkins, hayrides, toys and candy! We all had so much fun and the kids had a blast and they were all so good, no melt downs at the farm! WOOHOO! Here are a lot of pics from the day!
P, Annie and C right when we got to the farm.

Palmer loving life!

Annie playing in the horse' trough!

Looking at the pigs, Ann Mason loved them!

Kelly and C feeding the chickens

Even the adults can act silly!

The kids were hard at work "planting pumpkin seeds"

They had awesome tables with toys, dinosaurs and lots of dump trucks


LOVE X 2! :)

Sylv with the girls

Annie playing peek a boo with Sylvia

This picture makes me smile and makes me sad. Palmer is getting so big! It is kind of sad that he only has a foot and a half before he is Mommy's height! haha

I am So excited about this picture! Even though the little girls aren't smiling everyone is looking at the camera!!! I think that is all I can ask for!

And finally the pumpkin patch. Ann Mason wanted a "baby" pumpkin and Palmer wanted the biggest pumpkin we could find, I think they both succeeded!

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Sarah said...

This so makes me ready to hit the pumpkin patch with the kiddo's! Palmer and Ann Mason are so stinkin' cute!! Ann Mason is looking more and more like such a big girl!