Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No CRIBS in our CRIB!

Well, we had another big milestone in the Templeton household. Ann Mason graduated to a "big girl" bed. I am seriously having a HARD time with this! I don't have any cribs in my house anymore and it hurts my heart. When did this little spitfire get so big and independent? We bought her bed yesterday and she LOVES it (so does Molly!)
She fell right to sleep last night and I just would go in there every 10 minutes and look at her little body in this big bed. I wanted so badly to crawl in there with her but she seemed to be doing just fine. :( She slept all night and didn't want to wake up for school! I thought no diapers were bad but walking down the hall and seeing my babies rooms transform into big kids room is a heartbreaker!
Ann Mason and Molly LOVING the new bed!

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