Monday, January 16, 2012


This weekend was relatively low key! Truth be told I was nauseous most of the weekend and would have good spurts and then bad ones. I LOVE my naps but I rarely just lay in my bed at random points during the day and I did A LOT of that this weekend! I am NOT complaining because if that is what it takes to make a healthy, happy baby then I will go thru it but it makes getting stuff done around the house a little more challenging :)
The kids did have their very first slumber party at our house Saturday night. Ethan and Katelyn spent the night at our house as a birthday present to my sis in law :) The kids were SO pumped and we had a BLAST, believe it or not having them there is easier than just having my two because they play SO well together! We ate dinner, had an ice cream cone picnic, watched movies and played A LOT! Everything went pretty smooth except for Palmer wouldn't sleep in his bed? I tried to explain you can't have a slumber party if you don't slumber with your party! ha! I am pretty sure Ethan didn't mind having the bed to himself :)

Sweet, Sweet Kids. I LOVE watching them together, they are truly the best of friends!

I have to admit I have been having a hard time lately. I don't know if it is the hormones or just everything but I miss Louisville SO bad! Don't get me wrong their are definitely parts of Owensboro I love. I love being close to family, I love that our kids are so happy,  I love our house, I love that Tex like his job but I kind of feel left out :(

I left so many WONDERFUL, PRICELESS relationships, friendships and support groups back home. We had a church that we loved and I was comfortable there. I  LOVED my job back home and was SO close with the people I worked with. I don't have that here and it makes me sad. I know with time I will hopefully find my way but, it is SO hard. There are a lot of days that I wish we could move back there because I miss it SO much! I am praying things get easier and new relationships will form and we will find a church home and friendships but I know it is going to take time and patience and sometimes I lack that quality! I am truly grateful for where God has led my life but I am someone that thrives on deep relationships and being social, I think that a lot of women do. I am pretty sure that men don't so much! I definitely know that I am a better wife, mother, sister, friend when I get a little mommy time and have those connections with people and relationships. I am just going to continue to pray because everything always works out it just isn't always on the time frame I think it should be :) 

Even though this week I have felt a little overwhelmed I am keeping my focus on one thing!!!

In less than a week I get to spend 8 glorious days with my precious family at the most magical place on earth!!! I can not wait, I think it will finally settle in when we are packed and actually driving in the car! ha! No work for 9 days, TONS of quality family time and LOTS and LOTS of making memories!
I promise I might not have a lot to post about this week but when we get back you will be on picture overload :)

Disney, here we come!~

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