Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Thoughts!

I realize that my blog posts have been lacking any real consistency and that mainly I go with the "random" theme because it is about all that this pregnant brain can handle! ha! I can definitely say that I am still feeling the effects of the first trimester but a little of the fog is lifting! My mental state seems to be returning slowly and I have actually been able to wrap my brain around everything and I am starting to get really excited!!!

Today I am 9 weeks! This time around I am going to do weekly belly pictures even if it kills me! I KNOW I will love looking back on it one day even though it terrifies me from a vanity stand point to think about taking pics of myself every week! Right now I am feeling a little thick :) I am totally blaming it on being my 3rd pregnancy! My body just automatically starts shaping itself and apparently it is doing it quite early this time around! YIKES! I am trying to embrace it because I can't stop it :) Apparently as my bff Jamie says, Tori Spelling went thru this same thing with #3 and it is all documented on her new show, so I feel so much better knowing I am not alone! ha!

But today my sweet little baby is the size of a GRAPE! Have you ever seen a cuter grape? :) I am dying to go back to the dr and hear the heartbeat but I won't go back for a few more weeks but it will be worth the wait!
In honor of baby t #3 being the size of a grape, I ate some today for lunch dipped in this heavenly stuff.... 
OH MY!~ Heaven! Most everything I taste these days does not live up to what I have in my mind but this dip did! I could have eaten the whole thing, luckily I put it back the fridge and contained myself! I am going to be thinking of this the rest of the day! 

So, I checked the weather today for Disney and it is going to be B-E-A-UTIFUL! I am talking like low 80's all week according to! My pasty legs and arms need some major vitamin D! We are getting ready for the big trip! Everything is laid out and all of the travel necessities bought now I just need to pack and clean out the car! The kids are SO pumped.... Weirdly, Annie is most excited about seeing ....
GOOFY! I totally would have guessed a princess but everyone that asks her about Disney gets the same answer, she can't wait to see Goofy! 
Palmer is most excited to see this guy! LIGHTENING MCQUEEN, we are going to a stunt show the first day at Hollywood Studios, he is just going to die! The kid has LOVED the movie CARS since he was 18 months old, he even asked me if we could name the baby Mater if it was a boy! Um, no!

I have this little concoction brewing in the crockpot as we speak. Beef Stroganoff! I found the recipe off Pinterest and have been dieing to try it! I am SO excited to get home and dive into this plate of awesomeness! Creamy Carbs are right up my alley these days. I will let you know how it tastes and if it lives up to my expectations.

That is about all of the randomness I have in me. I am totally excited, totally in vacation mode and totally ready to get out of town for a little while! I think the month of January does that to you! Here's hoping for a Magical Week of fun with my family!

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