Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finding Out and Telling!

I will try and give a short account of how we found out and told everyone:) ( I like to do this for my sake too because I am learning more and more that I don't remember stuff very well! haha) Tex and I have known for a long time that we wanted to try and have more kids when the time was right. Well after we moved and got settled the time seemed right and we were both SO excited for what the future would bring!

There were a few things that happened during our "trying" process that I have never experienced before and made me a little hesitant to get really excited right away. I have never been particularly good at that "two week wait" and seem to always test too early. So like always I got a few negative tests but being as persistent as I am I just kept right along! ha! THANK GOODNESS for the Dollar Tree tests, for anyone that hasn't used them you totally SHOULD, they are seriously a $ and they work great, can detect the HCG levels before your missed period, etc... So on December 15th I finally got a Faint Positive Line. I think I was so worried it wasn't real or that something would happen that I just kept on taking tests for seriously the next 10 days :) Here are just a few of the early ones, they are all positive even though you can't see the lines that great!

After I over analyzed the whole situation the next big decision was whether or not to tell the kids. I know there are probably a million opinions on this but I just couldn't wait. We told Palmer and then video taped him going in Ann Mason's room and telling her! The kids were SO excited! Palmer has seemed more used to the idea but for Ann Mason it is going to be a long 9 months! She kisses my belly every night, talks to the baby, asks when it will be out of my tummy, etc... :) They are going to be the BEST big brother and big sister ever! It is so fun to experience this with them a little older because they both understand for the most part what is happening and to hear them talk about it, is amazing!
Thanks to my sister and her quick embroidery skills she mailed us new Big Bro and Big Sis shirts within days! I have never been good at keeping the secret about being pregnant so my mom and Scott already knew but while they were in town, we put the shirts on the kids and went over to Tex's parents to surprise his WHOLE family! It was hilarious to watch everyone's reaction mainly shock and disbelief! All Tex's dad would say was "We just put up the baby crib, we just put up the baby crib" ha!
The kids being silly and excited to wear their new shirts!

Our attempt at a family picture with their fun shirts!

Us all being silly!

My mom and Scott with the kiddos!

We had fun telling our friends here and there. Most of them we just told in person and a few that I knew I might not see for a few weeks we told over email. We definitely aren't making it "facebook" official for a little while, not ready for such a public forum just yet! ha! Dec 30th I had my first ultrasound and saw the baby and the heartbeat, what a wonderful sight! The heartbeat was at a fast 175 bpm! The baby was measuring to the day and everything seemed great! It is still really early and I know that a lot can happen so we are just continuing to pray that everything goes smoothly and that this precious baby is growing and healthy!

I hope to do a lot of fun updates and track as much of this pregnancy as possible if I can summons the energy to do so! :) I am excited and at times a little overwhelmed thinking about becoming a family of 5 but mostly grateful to be given another miracle that will call me mommy!

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