Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Disney Download!~

We are back and I am SAD! I don't know why but before leaving for Disney I felt more stressed than excited. It just seemed like a lot to do and a lot of unknowns, how would the kids act, how do we find everything, how does everything work down there, etc... I think a lot of my being overwhelmed was simply because I am newly pregnant and everything exhausts me right now so to think about taking this major trip to Disney was exhausting mentally just to think about! ha! How lazy do I sound right now? But it was so true!

So to my surprise and excitement we had THE BEST vacation I could have ever imagined! Everything exceeded my expectations by a mile! This was our first true family of four trip. We go to visit my mom in Destin a few times a year but this was our first real family trip and it was AMAZING! I am slightly emotional right now and basically I think I cried about 8 times during the trip cause I was just so darn happy and taken over by emotion, this people is what its all about! The moments when I realize this is what I dreamed about when I dreamed about being a parent! I just took in everything, all of the kids reactions, all of their happiness and emotion and it was priceless~ Tex and I just kept looking at each other both thinking we couldn't be more blessed than we were at that moment. I am certainly not saying it took Disney world to feel that way! ha! But something about that place is magical and you get to remember what life looks like thru the eyes of a child and WOW what an amazing world they live in!

The kids were phenomenal! We had a few tears here and there but for the most part they were complete 100% troopers, no complaining, no asking to buy everything, they were just so amazed by everything else they seemed to be perfectly content! Thank goodness :) Annie did great, she usually crashed in the stroller mid day from pure exhaustion. She likes the hustle and bustle and people watching but she wasn't too impressed with the characters! Palmer however was the child that surprised me he LOVED everything, I mean EVERYTHING! His reactions were worth every penny spent, he was such a happy boy the whole trip! 

I am pretty sure I took about 345 pictures! I realize that is entirely too many to try and put on the blog. I picked a few out of the first half I downloaded to share! Here are some of the things we enjoyed most while we were there! 

Swimming!! Our resort had a GREAT pool with a water slide...

It was 81 degrees there everyday!

Meeting the Characters, we had two character meals, one lunch, one dinner!

Annie liked this girl but was scared of everyone else! Palmer met every character there was in the park :)

Meeting our favs, Lightening and McQueen this was  a big day for Palmer!

We attempted 100's of family pics most turning out something like this :)

We tried on TONS of hats! Love my two cowboys!

This was SO fun, we did our first flash mob on the streets of Hollywood studio before our first parade, I think I got pretty into the dancing part :)

One of the kids most favorite things was watching the parades at all of the parks, they were amazing and filled with all of their favorite characters!

We had SO much fun with these 3! Annie and Palmer loved spending time with their cousins! It was great to experience this with them!

I got to spend time with my dad and Dawn and it was wonderful! Everyone had a great time together and met most nights for dinner!

I spent the best 99 cents ever at Walmart before we left on packs of glow sticks! Palmer was decked out head to toe in glow sticks once the sun went down! He was a walking light show!

And the kids loved their "autograph" books and big pens (thanks Whit for the tip!) they waited in many lines with these items!

This was one of 3 Mickeys that we met during the week!

And of course we rode TONS of rides and wore TONS of 3D glasses! This is Palmer going on Star Wars!

I will definitely post more! I am trying to figure out what to do with all of these pictures. I am thinking of making Palmer a cute collage with his pictures, tickets, buttons, etc... to hang in his room! I know he will remember this trip forever!

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