Friday, April 15, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys!

I have been a horrible blogger this week!!! I have been gone till about 10 pm 3 nights this week with work and meetings :( BOO!!! If anyone can tell me how I can stay at home and work PLEASE let me know! The amount of money I need to make is minimal since I wouldn't be paying for daycare, any suggestions would be helpful I am done with work for a little while! :) haha I am keeping my sights on sunny Arizona I only have just another work week and I am off to laying by the pool all day!!

Well, these pics were from last weekend! After Palmer's soccer game we let the boys "play" a little bit. It actually turned into a 40 minute wrestling match! My timid, shy, reserved, cautious boy has turned into this rambuncious, wrestling, karatey chopping, jumping off the walls crazy person! I asked for it, I guess!
Palmer and Reid wrestling I think they acutally learned to scream "Uncle!"

Little Alex getting in on the fun of the wrestling!! Notice two things 1. Palmer sweats like his mother! He is drenched in sweat at this point and 2. Poor Annie is all the way in the background looking on in her pretty turquoise dress, I am actually surprised she didn't jump on the top of the pile!

Sweet girl thinking these boys are CRAZY!

Yes, this is 3 boys tangled in a mess of soccer cleats, sweat and who knows what else!

Finally they stopped! They had, had enough!

This weekend we have soccer and we are going to do some house hunting! Exciting but scary. I am still an emotional roller coaster about this move, I am hoping once we get most things in order I will be ok but right now I am one big anxiety ball!

We hope you have great weekend!!! Love, The Templeton's

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