Monday, April 11, 2011

Shouting from the rooftops!

After my last post I got the call that we have been waiting for, for almost 4 months!!!! TEX GOT A JOB!!! A great job, one that we have been praying and hoping for and one that can hopefully become an amazing career for him! I am SO proud of the perseverance and determination that he has shown over the last months not only looking for a job but instantly becoming a stay at home dad! He has done and AMAZING job!!! With most things in life when something hard comes along it isn't easy to see where God is taking you. I look back now and realize that this experience in our marriage and our life was one of the greatest experiences we could ask for. We became closer as a family, leaned on each other more, respected each other more and found strengths in the new roles we had been given.

We are beyond excited about this new adventure in our lives!!! There's one other big part of this puzzle....we are moving to Owensboro!!! It is bitter-sweet! We will be leaving a city that has become our home for 8 years, it is where we got married, built our first home and had our 2 amazing children. We have kept relationships with our old friends and built relationships with new friends. I know that the friendships here will survive the distance no matter what!

On the sweet side... we get to move to a city we are familiar with, with family right down the street and friends we have known for a lifetime. Tex grew up in Owensboro and we used to laugh because all of his friends would ask him, "when are you coming home?" we thought that was so funny at the time because we told them we did have a home, Louisville. So when Tex called everyone to let them know he got to tell them "We are finally coming home!" I am so excited to put down roots, have a house with a backyard again and embrace being with family! Palmer is also SUPER excited to live next to Mamaw, Papaw, Aunt TT, John and his best buddies/cousins Katelyn and Ethan!

I have had my "crazy" moments in the last 4 days. One minute I am elated and jumping for joy at our new adventure and the next I am driving down the street crying about everything I am going to miss so much. We have A LOT to do in the months to come. Find a job for me, find a home, find a school for the kids, etc... I am trying not to be overwhelmed but that doesn't come easy for me when I have a big task in front of me. :) I think I realize now or hopefully I have learned that everything with time will fall into place.
I am yearning for the simple life :)

So this city family is moving to the "country" haha Our friends in Owensboro would kill me for saying that! Thank you so much for the prayers and thoughts, they have meant the world to us during these months! I will have LOTS to post about as we transition from Louisville to Owensboro!! Much more to come....

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