Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Part I

Hello Mommytime! I have missed you dearly. This may be the first night I have had to myself to download pics, blog, facebook, etc... for at least a few weeks! Things have been busy here to say the least. We are trying to tie up some loose ends with moving and making sure it everything is going thru 100%. When I am not trying to worry about making things happen that are out of my control I have been having fun with the kiddos and Tex!

We got invited to a Spring Easter Fling at Tom Sawyer Park. It was AWESOME, they had bounce houses, food, cotton candy, face painting, Easter egg hunt and a firetruck!!! The kids had a BLAST! It definitely kicked off the Easter weekend which is always one of my favorite holidays!

Annie on the hunt for some Easter Eggs, she was NOT intimated by all of the other kids, I think it was the froggy rain boots that she insists on wearing with every outfit!

Ann Mason and Alex (her #1 man) they were holding hands and finding eggs together! Poor kids, the hosts that put this event on obviously don't have kids because all that were in the eggs were bubble gum and now and laters, I am pretty sure my kids almost lost a few teeth :)

Annie probably bossing someone around to find her more Easter eggs!

First time EVER eating Cotton Candy, she was a not a big fan but liked carrying it around.

My sweet Palmer SO excited to watch the professional face painter. He tried to stay in line as long as he could to get a spider man mask painted on his face but he finally pooped out because the line was so long but he loved watching it!
The kids got to watch the firetruck and take a tour, here is our attempt at getting all 4 kiddos together. Palmer, Alex, Reid and Ann Mason

The happiest boy in the world! He got to tour the whole firetruck and he was in heaven!!

I love watching my kids enjoy life! The innocence and excitement of it all is beautiful!

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