Monday, April 18, 2011


Holy Moly!~ We went to Owensboro for the weekend and we came back as "almost" homeowners!!! How's that for fast? haha We got an ACCEPTED offer today on THIS home! I am beyond thrilled!!! There are definitely A LOT of things that could happen between now and closing time so I don't want to go overboard but just to know that it is a possibility is AWESOME!!!
So here is the scoop! We knew we were going to look for houses when we went in. Anyone that knows me knows that I am pretty much a focus control type that gets the job done :) I had done all of my research, printed out every home in our price range, school district we wanted, etc... This house caught my eye from the very beginning something about it just said "Come raise your family here". Well, this was the last house we saw after a bunch of other less impressive homes on the list. I immediately walked in and my eyes got all watery. It is not that this house is a magnificent mansion or has marble entryways or anything of the sort but it is the kind of home where you want to raise your family, it had that smell of home! To me, it was more special in person than the pictures portrayed. The best part, Palmer gets a YARD and not just any yard but the lot is 1/2 acre! The backyard is literally a football field with a privacy fence!!! My mind is going wild envisioning basketball goals and swing sets! I know that it seems fast and it is! haha But for some reason I feel so at peace and not nervous just beyond excited about this house! Not to mention it is within 5 miles almost everyone we know in Owensboro! haha

Wish us luck we will keep you updated!!! We have A LOT to do and get settled between now and July 1st! More pictures to come!

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