Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Part II

Today we kicked off Easter Eve by going with Ashley, Joe and Belle to Target and then coming back to Aunt Ashley's for some serious Easter Cooking Decorating! The kids had so much fun and they love being with Belle!
Belle and Annie waiting for the festivities begin! I love Annie looking at Belle like "are you ready, girl?"

My beautiful and happy niece Belle! I could eat her alive she is so stinking cute!

I think Palmer LOVES Easter! He was ready to go with icing his cookies!

Well, in true Ann Mason fashion she could barely get thru decorating one cooking before eating it.... I guess that is the best part right?

Annie was telling Belle how good the cookies were and that she was missing out!

Palmer in the midst of being an Easter cooking artist!

Belle with her first Easter Cookie, look at that face, she wants it bad! I did give her a SMALL taste of the icing, sorry Aunt Ashley :)

Everyone took this decorating business pretty seriously including me, at one point Tex said I was having WAY more fun than the kids!

The Merritt's gearing up to celebrate Belle's first Easter!

The finished product, I think they turned out great! Of course there should have been like 5 more but what is the fun of decorating the cookies if you can't eat them?

Thanks Aunt Ashley for the fun! I am SO excited about celebrating Easter tomorrow. It will be one of our last Holidays in Louisville and at our church so I know it will be special! I am hopeful to maybe even get a decent family photo...that may be really high expectations.

Neenie and Pop made it in safely despite the tornado warnings all over Kentucky. I am excited to see everyone tomorrow, Praise God and enjoy family! We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

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