Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reading is Therapy

I don't think my love for books was immediate. I am certain that when I was younger I read my fair share of Judy Blume books, Super Fudge, Dear God it's me Margaret type books.... I remember vaguely enjoying those but I don't ever remember at an early age feeling inspired by books. That is until I turned 21. When I turned 21 I started experiencing panic attacks for the first time. Uncontrollable, debilitating, life changing panic attacks. At the time I don't even think I realized the magnitude I just knew that something was wrong and I wasn't sure if I would ever feel "right" again. For whatever reason I turned to books, they were my salvation and my therapy. When I felt like my insides were going to explode from anxiety I could pick up a book and finally find some peace in allowing my mind to find its self in another time, another place, another person.

Since then I have embraced reading, it is one of my favorite, ok only hobbies in the world. I always tell Tex when we do find a house I want one room that we can build floor to ceiling bookshelves that I can fill with all of my treasured books. I have never been able to sell any of the books I have read. Books to me are like music to a lot of people, I can look at my books and they can take me to a certain place and time in my life, some I remember fondly and some I am just grateful that I came out on the other side. There is really nothing that I won't read... chic lit, mystery, crime, biographies, self help books, fiction, non-fiction the list goes on forever.
I have always wanted Tex to read. I envisioned us spending late nights in bed together reading and talking about characters and the plots of our books but that seem to be a lost cause, there really was no interest  on his part so I didn't push it. So, to my surprise when Tex lost his job I suddenly found him reading! He didn't say much and neither did I because I knew that he had found his escape in books just like I had found mine when I was 21. Now on most nights you can find us laying in bed reading our books together and I have to look over and just smile....

I have been on a little dry spell with my reading. I have been busy, tired and usually most nights we have a certain 3 year old in our bed. It doesn't allow for much mommy time or reading for that matter but, I am so excited because I have two books that I am dying to read!

This is the first one! I actually downloaded it to my smart phone! I love the feel of a book in my hand but I must admit for pure convenience having it downloaded on your phone is pretty nice! I was hesitant for a long time to read this book, I wanted to so badly, it sparked all of my curiosity. After talking to quite a few people I was told that it was a must read. You can go to Amazon Reviews to read more about this book! So far it has been intriguing and I am only on the 2nd chapter :) I will definitely share my thoughts when I finish it.

The second book that I am so excited to read is The Help. Again, I have heard so many people say that it was one of their favorite reads! Amazon Reviews seems to back this up!

If you have any books that are on your "must read" list, please leave a comment! I love hearing about new books and especially ones that I haven't read! Maybe I will highlight a few books a week. I will give my reviews on these books when I am done with them. Reading will always have a special place in my heart and while it is not the most exciting hobby, it is my hobby and I love it.

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