Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our Weekend in Pictures!

The weekend came and went in a flash as usual :( but at least we have as much fun as we can cram into those two days!
We didn't get to see Gnomeo and Juliet because Ann Mason got her feelings hurt that she couldn't go, so Palmer and I decided it would be just as fun if the whole family went to Graeters ice cream! Little did we know that any day it rains in April you get a BOGO free sundae!!! It was SOOOO good, the next time it rains I am so there!

We were also SO sad to see the CATS lose and especially by only 1 point. We were so proud of them though and they did such an awesome job!!!!

Of course we  had a blast at Palmer's soccer game. It was still cold so we let Annie go hang out with Belle for a while and Tex and I took Palmer to his soccer game and he did AWESOME!
Palmer before the big game! He is my MVP, he scored 4 goals!!! This week it is supposed to be 80 outside so no more coats and hopefully he can wear his cute cool soccer shorts and show off his shin guards.

Some of the teammates! They don't stand still for very long!

I love this picture! Coach Chris giving a pep talk to the boys!

Coach Chris telling Reeves to keep strong :)

An Action Shot, the Navy Ninjas won 10-0!!!!

This girl is a MESS!!! Every morning when mommy gets ready she sits on the counter and wants me to do her hair, put make up on her or paint her nails!!! This morning she got pig tails and she thought she was HOT STUFF!

This is her screaming, "Daddy come here and see me" Anytime she puts on a new outfit or does her hair, I tell her to go get daddy and she stands there and he showers her with compliments and tells her she is the prettiest girl in the world! She LOVES every minute of the attention and it melts my heart!

Sweetest and Fiery Girl I have ever met!

I am SO mad I hardly took any pictures at our girls breakfast at Wild Eggs! I think it was because we were all too busy eating! OH MY GOSH.... the food is incredible and I think all of us cleaned our plates. Here are Brook and Kourtlee!

Katie and Kourtlee! I must have been incredibly lazy and hungry because I only managed two pics of the people that were sitting directly across from me! haha

I am feeling some spring coming on right now! The sun is shining and we are supposed to see 70 today, I even wore capris to work in hopes that it would bring on the great weather!!


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