Friday, February 10, 2012

Dave Ramsey and 12 weeks!

OMG is anyone else SO glad its Friday? I mean I am ALWAYS excited about the weekends but this week has just been crazy and I am especially excited its the weekend!
So, I always have to share anything that I am loving or really passionate about. My sweet sister in law asked Tex if we wanted to take a Financial Peace University class at her church. I, being the nerd of the house was all for it. Tex being more of  the free -spirit, heard budget and immediately that boring and NO fun! :) I knew this program had to be motivating because I saw how the program impacted my sister in law and her husband, they had been able to make some wonderful changes within their own household. So Tex and I said we would go for it. It's a 13 week course for 2 hours each week. So far we are only thru 2 weeks but Tex and I both LOVE it. It is funny, entertaining, motivating, educational, etc... I especially love that it is teaching us tools to pass along to our kids. Tex and I are loving it because this is the first time we have both taken an active role in our finances, usually I did them and that was it and it is SO nice for us to both be involved and have a say in how things work out. I definitely recommend it to anyone! I can't wait to see what the next 11 weeks has in store!

The best thing about this week by far was I hit the 12 week mark and heard my sweet babies heartbeat! LOVE IT! The heartbeat was strong and beating at 160. I am SO horrible I can't remember if that is "fast" or "slow" based on the old wives tale?  Either way it sounded amazing and I was relieved to hear it and move past this first trimester! So the baby is as big as a lime... if you saw me you would already think the baby was as big as a Watermelon! ha! Weight wise things haven't been bad but man, my belly is out there! Rocking maternity clothes proudly at this point :) I don't want to rush things but I can't wait to feel those amazing little movements from the baby, I especially can't wait for the kiddos to get to experience that. Annie is on pins and needles every day to seem some progress!

And just because.... here is Miss Sassy Pants before gymnastics. She LOVES it. Poor thing she is seriously so NOT graceful I mean this morning she fell straight off the bed just from sitting on it. She probably bangs her poor head 8 times a day on some type of object, so I am hoping this class helps her coordination come out! ha! Love her!

And this sweet guy, I just want to squeeze him multiple times a day, even if he does wipe my kisses off! Palmer did gymnastics too. Him and Annie made a pact and wanted to do it together, so of course I said yes!

This weekend we are going to hopefully do some V-day projects! This is the first year that both kids get to do Valentine's cards in their class so they are super excited to go pick them out and get them organized! Everyone have a great weekend!

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