Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

Thanks to pregnancy brain I forgot my Valentines Pictures of the kiddos!  They were totally pumped today to go to school with their Valentines Cards and Candy and have their class parties! I remember LOVING valentines day at school and taking SO much time to make my shoebox, I would color and paste and bedazzle the heck out of mine, loved it! :)

Tex and I are real slackers this year, I hate to admit that I don't even think their will be an exchange of cards. I managed to pull out a last minute treat bag for the kids but that was about the extent of my festivities. Most nights I am good to get thru dinner and then I usually get sick and throw up my dinner and last night I just laid in bed at 7 until I fell asleep! Totally not normal, thank goodness Tex is such a great dad because last night I was DONE! :)

There might not be any fancy flowers or dinners this year but we do have tons of love to give in our house! Palmer came home the other day from school and was a little upset. When Tex asked him what was bothering him he said.... CUPID
Tex kind of laughed and said "why would cupid upset you"? Palmer told Tex that he wasn't ready to be shot and fall in love! ha! Tex told him that Cupid would certainly not shoot him or make him fall in love until he was really, really old. Palmer just looked at Tex and said "but he shot you"! Tex said, "how do you know?" and Palmer said, "because you love Mommy!" I guess that is the most important thing that Ann Mason and Palmer know that their parents love and respect each other and it melts my heart! We might not get to do a lot of fancy stuff right now but in the end there isn't anyone I would rather sit on the couch and eat popcorn with than my very own family!

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL and LOVING Valentines Day!

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