Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Oh man did we have a pinkalicious weekend! Ann Mason had decided that she wanted a "pink"party months ago and thanks to the handy internet and pinterest I found a whole new world called Pinkalicious. Pinkalicious is a super cute book about a little girl that eats too many pink cupcakes and turns pink herself and the only way she can get back to normal is to eat a lot of green veggies!! Ann Mason LOVES it so the pinkalicious theme was born! Buying pink was easy! Being pregnant and having no brain power trying to plan an indoor birthday party at my house for a bunch of kids was another task :) In the end everyone had fun and that is all that matters! If I happen to mention that I am having another winter birthday party in my house remind me that it might not be the best idea! ha! It was like a sugar filled Animal House for 3 year olds! I think if some of them (including mine) could have reached the ceiling fans or chandiliers they would have swung from them!

Here is the birthday pinkalicious princess. Thanks to Aunt Ashley for the super adorable "Annielicious"shirt it was a hit!
I love this kid!

So fun I was jealous and kind of wanted a boa and hair feather too!

Kroger came in handy for the cupcakes I found pinkalicious cake toppers and then they put some bling with fake diamond rings :) the girls loved them!

The pinkalicious book, plates and napkins

The main table. I didn't take pics of my tissue paper pom-poms in the back. I made some country time strawberry lemonade for the party and this prengnat momma and Ann Mason are LOVING some pinkalicious lemonade, as we call it! That stuff is addicting!

Here is part of the cupcake decorating station. Another one of my not so brilliant ideas! ha!

All of the goodies!

The birthday girl looking a little mischevious!

Well, this is how Ann Mason looked the ENTIRE time we sang Happy Birthday to her. Scared, with her hands plastered over her ears! AWESOME :) The boys even had to blow out her candle she was literally frozen.

And the girl racked up on some presents. Like some awesome, girly, mommy kind of wants to play with them kind of presents :) So fun! I am loving that she is starting to get into the arts and crafts stuff, I was totally the art kit kind of kid!

We had a blast and the kids were SO excited that Aunt Ashley, Uncle Joe and Bellies stayed the night with us (mommy was too). Bellies was definitely the guest of honor and the kids followed her everywhere and LOVED every minute of it! My house is still paying the price from the pinkalicious party but it is slowly getting back to normal! ha!

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Sarah said...

Love, love, love her pinkalicious party!!!