Thursday, February 16, 2012


Three years ago today our lives changed forever. About this exact time last year I was in reocvery holding my sweet, sweet baby girl! I will never forget my ultrasound when they told me I was having a daughter, I don't think I have ever been as excited and nervous at the same time! You were such a blessing and great addition to our family!
Palmer was immediately in love and has stayed that way ever since! You all may fight hard but you love each other even harder! I LOVE how you two are best friends and want to do everything together, I hope it stays that way!

Oh I could just squeeze this pictures, it makes me excited about getting to have another baby in our house. I just love those babies! Oh I loved dressing Ann Mason up everyday it was SO fun!

This was our first family of four picture. My hormones were WAY better after Annie than they were with Palmer. I think I was able to enjoy everything so much more and be much more relaxed and focus on the joy of being a new mom versus the fear of something going wrong. I can remember feeling SO happy in this picture!

Annie, you were SUCH a good baby. You fit right in, you would go with the flow, fall asleep where I laid you, eat what I gave you, etc... A welcome change from your picky brother whom I love dearly! ha!

You two have made me excited to be a mom every day! The love you have for each other is priceless!

Girl, you are spunky! You get fiesier every day you get older! I know that the attitude and drama will just keep increasing, I am hoping I can handle it. You can make me laugh and fire me up within minutes :) You already know how to press my buttons! Watch out!

You are a happy, independent, baby doll loving, social butterfly! You crack me up, you LOVE a crowd like your daddy! Palmer and I could avoid them forever :) The more the merrier in your eyes, I love it!

You love, love, love friends! You ask them questions, you know about their lives. It cracks me up, you tell me things about your friends all of the time. I love that you are so caring and such a good listner (almost too good! :) Being around people makes you happy and you have such a mothering nature, you are always wanting to take care of people!

You might look sweet but you are also trouble with a capital T! You can instigate and manuvuer some pretty crazy situations! I always know who the leader of the pack is at our house :) Palmer follows your every move, he is not as much of a risk taker as you!

You have been my #1 cheerleader during this pregnancy! You are BEYOND excited. You are making this SO much fun for me because of your love and excitment. You talk to your baby bro/sis every day and even though you tell me daily that my belly has gotten SO big I still love that you care so much!

You are my beautiful daughter and I hope you always know how beautiful you are! You have been a bright spot in my day for 3 years and I can't wait to see what is in store for our family! You are going to be the best big sis in the world and I cant wait to watch you blossom in that role! Thank you for making me feel like one special and loved mommy! I love you!

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