Monday, January 11, 2010

Ann Mason, Ann Mason, Ann Mason...
This post is about 4 days pre-mature but I made your 1st birthday invitations today and it made me want to laugh and cry all at the same time! Your 11 months old and we fall in love with you more each day! Here are 11 reasons why we love you SO much:
1. Your laugh out loud hilarious in everything you do!
2. You have more rhythm than your daddy and brother combined and you can shake your tail feather!

3. You could out eat any baby your age on any day and there is no food group that can't be tackled by your 4 little teeth! (You may look petite but you are right around 20 pds, You Go Girl!)
4. Your daddy and I call you "Fire and Ice" because you can be "sweet as pie" one minute and "hell on wheels the next"!
5. Your a tomboy that has to wear a bow! You can wrestle in pink any day of the week!

6. Your wrinkle your nose and make the funniest sounds when you see twinkies, graham crackers and your daddy! (Basically things you REALLY like)
7. You bang on the door with excitement until daddy and I let you in to go wake up your brother from nap-time! You squeal at the top of your lungs the whole time you walk to his bed.

8. That you make me re-organize everything in the house because of your non-stop curiosity and "inspector gadget arms".
9. That you let me put you in any outfit even though you scream the whole time until it is on!

10. That you have no fear and are already Miss Independent! ( I will be regretting this deeply in years to come :)
11. That we have attempted to let you " cry it out" to no avail... you can scream for 25 minutes consistently and the minute we go to pick you up you have a grin from ear to ear like nothing ever happened!!!
*** I am already planning a girly extravaganza for your birthday! haha It is so fun to decorate with pink... it goes a long way! We love you and have cherished these last 11 months more than you will ever know! You have completed our family!

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