Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One of Many...

I joined the rest of the Louisville population in the "workout" isle of Target on Jan 1st! I guess me and everyone else had the same idea, we were going "To be thin in 2010!" :) After much contemplation and realizing that I was far from ready for the hit workout series P90X I decided on this little package below:

As you see on the box it is supposed to give me a "total body transformation!" I have thought about emailing the creator of the firm and asking if it will totally transform and firm my ta-ta's (they are part of the whole body, right?) after having two kids! ;) They are anything but firm at this point! ha! I haven't done the "before and after" pics and highly doubt I will ever pose in a sports bra and shorts for anyone!

For most working women and mom's finding time to exercise can seem next to impossible so I am making it a point to wake my bootie up early and start my day with a little "me" time. Even if that "me" time includes me wanting to throw a shoe thru the TV! So far, so good... I have to admit I am way more out of shape than I thought and ibuprofen has been my best friend for the last 3 days since working out! I think I found muscles that have been dormant for 20 years :) If one of your resolutions is getting fit, Good luck to you! I will be thinking about you as I curse the TV at 6:30 am~!

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