Monday, January 25, 2010

Back at it...

We are officially back from our mountain getaway! We had a GREAT time and it was SO relaxing. Although for some reason even a relaxing weekend with two small kids is still exhausting :) We swam, played and ate a lot! I think I need food detox for sure!
I am completely disappointed in the pictures that I took! I got virtually no pictures and the pictures I did get I was lucky if someone was looking at the camera! ha ha At least it is put away in the memory of my mind :)

Here are the two Cook boys! They give me hope that my kids aren't the only ones who are difficult to photograph! ha ha They are so sweet and Palmer and Ann Mason just loved being around them!

Palmer and Ann Mason "toughing" it out on the streets of Gatlinburg in search of Ice Cream!

Ann Mason is teething horribly right now! 3 teeth all coming in at once. So the only thing that sufficed her was daddy's toothbrush and a pacifier! I can't wait to get these teeth in!
Ann Mason in the baby pool! It took two of us to chase her... she would walk and then fall face first and get up and be grinning from ear to ear and do it again and again! This girl has NO fear!

The kids in the pool... take notice of two things. 1. I get the camera out and the boys walk in different directions. 2. Um, is that Ann Mason all the way out there on her own? Um yeah!
We have a lot of exciting things to come! Hopefully I can get someone to take a good picture one of these days!

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