Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beach Bums

Today the kids and I had a great day! We relaxed, took naps and finally went to the beach. Let me tell you, I have some major beach bums...literally :) Palmer loves the beach and chasing seagulls and laughed louder and harder than he ever has! It was so fun to see them be in such awe over the amazing beauty of the sand and ocean. If I could bottle up all of their "child-like amazement" and keep it with me forever, I would!

We attempted a beach photo shoot but as with anything these days keeping these two under wraps isn't easy!

Palmer chasing seagulls across the beach.
Ann Mason and I trying to reinact the "picture"
My sweet Ann Mason (this is one of my favorites!)
We changed Palmer out of his swimmy diaper and when I turned around he was
running naked down the beach chasing seagulls!
I love these "beach bums"

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