Friday, August 14, 2009

Swim At Your Own Risk....

Today might have been one of the top 10 days with the kids ever! We spent 5 glorious and RELAXING hours at the pool on this beautiful and sunny day!!! We headed to Walmart early this morning and got Palmer his very own Spiderman Life jacket (spiderman was all they had left, I was hoping for speedo or something...) I think it might be the best purchase I have ever made! He LOVED it and swam all by himself ALL day long! I was the proudest mom at the pool!

We met our friends Katie ,Will ,Heather and Max and the babies played and napped and Palmer and Max swam and had a great time! None of the kids made hardly a peep for 5 whole hours it was pure bliss! We topped off the day with delicious ice cream cones from Graeters! Life is sweet....

Ann Mason trying to hold hands with Will Tegge

Katie and Will

Annie in her new bathing suit! So girly!

My big boy that swims by himself!

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