Monday, August 3, 2009


This was an awesome weekend. Nothing amazing happened, no big events and nothing out of the ordinary. It was just one of those weekends where Tex and I looked at each other last night and both said "What a great weekend!". Kathy (Mamaw) took Palmer to Owensboro for two nights for Tex and I to pack! We got so much done and it was an awesome time for Tex and I just to talk and re-connect even if it was over Goodwill piles and cardboard boxes. We went to pick up Palmer in Corydon, In and ate dinner at O'Charleys with the whole fam.... (Mamaw, Papaw, Aunt TT, Uncle Johnny, Cupcake and Ethan :) Palmer was SO excited to see his sister that he sat down in the middle of the floor at O'Charleys demanding to hold her right then and there! It melted my heart!

Yesterday was one of those days that life is all about. We took the kids to church and met up with Aunt Ashley and Uncle Joe for a great sermon and then lunch. After that it was off to the backyard with not one but two baby pools! We swam, played, took naps and hung out as a family all day long. The kids were great and played so well, the sun was beautiful and it was just such a great and relaxing day!

To end the day Ann Mason is trying to move on all 4's, she is still a little ways from crawling but she wants to move so bad! Last night we had her cackling like a grown man for at least 15 minutes. My batteries on my camera were dead and I was so sad not to have captured the whole thing on video! I am desperately going to try and re-in act the scene tonight and hopefully post some videos of her!

I hope everyone had a great weekend like we did!

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