Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's Official!

Palmer and Tex
Destin, Florida
November 2007

It's Official.... the kids and I are Florida bound for 11 days!!! After much debating Tex and I thought it was the best idea for the kids and I to go to just one place for the time we are "displaced" from our home :) He is going to take Molly and "gypsy" around while I am gone! We have never been away from each other more than maybe 5 nights in the 10 years since we started dating so I am sad to leave him for such a long time. Tex is being a great sport as always (I would be pouting like a baby if he was goign with the kids to Florida without me!).

My boss is being so great as always and letting me work from down there! I am nervous and very excited at the same time! I am going to make the most of our trip and just take in the beach, the sand and spending time with my kids!

I think I will be so much better once I make it through the drive and get to mom's house! I will post all of our fun adventures, I am sure this trip will make for great stories and memories!

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Connie Shear said...

Neenie and Pop can't wait until you get here either! Pop is so excited! We love you. Drive Safe, says Pop!!!!!!!!!